Business Coaching

I would like to become your personal guide and to show you your problems from a different perspective. I will ask you the right questions that will lead you to productive solutions


As a mentor, I will help you in the field of management and leadership, in defining strategy, change management or leadership of your teams. I feel very comfortable in the area of mentoring


Based on my experiences, I can be your adviser in the implementation and improvement of your HR processes, in the development of strategies and changes or formation of corporate culture

Who am I?

Having spent 20 years in different corporations I decided to start out an independent journey as a coach, a mentor and a consultant. As a such I want to help you and I will be glad to share with you my experiences, energy, positive attitude and a belief that the world is a nice place to live in. I lived acquisitions of companies, their growth, sale and stagnation. I experienced moments when everything went like clockwork, but also those when it did not work at all. During my corporate career I had 12 General Managers as my direct superordinates, out of which 8 were expatriates. I saw centralizations and even decentralizations of divers processes in different companies, I managed to survive quite complicated adolescent ages of my son, I was supporting my husband who was fighting cancer for one whole year and won the fight, I was supporting my mum who unfortunatelly lost that fight. I am like you, an ordinary woman, I just have a big luggage of experiences which I carry with me into the life and a gift of a strong faith in good and in your potential. Are you interested in my CV? Then have a look at it on Linkedin.

Contact me please

E-mail: Telefon: +420 606 670 790