The English word “coach” means “carriage”. It’s unbelievable, but the word coach comes from Hungarian. In a coach you can get from place to place and sometimes it can be a long journey. Coaching has a similar objective; it allows us to distance ourselves from the situations that we are currently facing and find possible alternatives to address these situations. At the end of the nineteenth century couching was first used in sports and surprisingly was a very effective tool. Perhaps because of the undeniable achievements in sports coaching, Timothy Gallwey applied this method to business at the end of the eighties of the last century. Since coaching proved to be very effective in business, it became popular in all other areas. Sometimes everything is called coaching. But the real coaching is based on a variety of disciplines, such as philosophy, positive psychology, NLP, brain function, and more.

What is coaching today?

We live in an amazing age, but with regards to the rate of living, we do not even have a chance to see how beautiful life really is. We are exposed to the pressures of society, relationships and work, which make us unable to see clear solutions to our problematic situations. Coaching is one of the most effective methods of personal development and the search for your solutions and ways to reach your goals. Coaching is encouraging and professional collaboration that helps people bridge the gap between where they are and where they would like to be in their personal or professional lives. Couching is focused on the result and the facilitation of new ideas and solutions and in order for coaching to be effective, it helps the client to come to their own conclusions. Couching helps us to fulfill our entrepreneurial dreams, managerial objectives and develop our skills and knowledge. You can also build partnerships and family relationships, learn foreign languages, achieve improvements in sports or be able to lose weight or quit smoking.

I will become your personal guide and I’ll help you to see your problems from a different perspective and ask you the right questions that will lead you to the right solutions for you.