HR Consulting

Based on my experiences, I can be a consultant in the areas of implementation and streamlining of HR processes, namely the processes of performance management, employee assessment, development of people, creating career plans, competency model, 360 degree feedback, HR Marketing and HR controlling.

Strategy Development Consulting

Each company was founded with a specific vision by its owners and it’s mission should be to fulfill this vision. We believe that it essential for the companies to not only clearly identify their goals and objectives, since there are numerous ways to achieve them, but also it is vital for them to recognize what developmental stage they are currently approaching to best determine their strategy for reaching their final objectives. The company also has to be concerned with their competition, the goals of their customers or suppliers and the development of an overall environment in which the business is located. Well defined strategic objectives and ways to achieve them based on the current situation and possibilities of the company are the subject of strategic management. Strategic management formally describes the company goals in a strategic plan.. Although the theory is simple, it may be effective to consult the strategic plan details with an external consultant, who can see your routine situation from a different angle gives you a new perspective, which will be very beneficial to you.

Consulting in the area of changes or formation of corporate culture

Well designed and carefully maintained corporate culture is essential to the success of the company. Corporate culture is a platform for sharing philosophies, ideologies, values, assumptions, opinions, and suggests how to make decisions and solve problems, “as the way things are done here.” Value model of corporate culture includes:

• Vision

• Values

• Standards (competence profile)

• Assessment

• Set performance potential

Corporate culture affects employee satisfaction, which leads to the level of satisfaction of your customers. Based on my experiences, I can recommend procedures to help you better determine your priorities and to define your objectives in the area of change of your corporate culture.

CEB SHL Consulting

The goal of the CEB SHL is the analysis of the potential and skills, which leads to finding the most suitable route to fill a position and to put in place the best possible development programs for employees. SHL tools used to determine the skills, abilities and development capabilities allow you to create a structured profile of the assessed candidate or employee, team or entire organization.


CEB SHL Consulting

Fields of application:

• Optimal recruiting of employees

• Selection of candidates into development programs

• Career planning on an objective basis

• Basis for planning education and development

• Objective basis for assessing follow-up projects

• Flexibility in recruitment or promotion of internal employees

• Human Resources Planning

• Creating conditions for quality development of managers

• Monitoring and evaluation of development activities

• Identifying high-potential employees and managers for key positions (in combination with other diagnostic tools) Succession program

• More effective communication between managers and employees


certifikat-training-ceb-shl More informations about Certificate SHL Talent Measurement™ HERE