Mentoring is an ideal method for professional development based on the example and experience of successful personalities. Mentoring involves creating the relationship between mentor and mentee, which provides benefits to both parties. Mentee has the unique opportunity observe and implement mentor’s experiences and contacts, which helps the mentee to gain a clear idea of how to manage a numerous professional and life situations. During these interactions, the mentor opens new horizons for the mentee. There is an equivalent relationship between the mentor and the mentee based on mutual trust and defined by specific rules. Mentoring in large companies is most frequently used internally within the succession plans and mentoring programs. But there are situations, where it is more advantageous to hire an external mentor. As a mentor, I can advise you in the field of management of human resource, in the development of strategies, change management or leadership of your teams. I feel extremely comfortable in the area of mentoring, and I would love to share my experiences with you.