Veronika Pokorná

Manager, Eurosun

“Stepanka became my friend during our coaching. She naturally supported my self – confidence. Creatively developed topics discussed. She showed me another worldview. It is important to realize, that everyone has boarders in their heads and I´m very thankfull to Stepanka for that everything.”


Martina Brisuda

British Chamber of Commerce

“Dear Stepanka
I am grateful that we have had a chance to work together, I really appreciated your coaching as well as mentoring sessions.
You have helped me to develop and grow. With your help I manage to find confidence in certain areas. We focused on relevant and specific matters.  I like your patience and your listening skills and the stories which helps to understand and find my own way.  It has been joy and pleasure and we did laugh a lot, didn`t we..
Stepanka, thank you!”

logo-open-gateJiří Luka – Deputy Director for Elementary school Open Gate

„At the time of the new elementary school project Open Gate I met Štěpánka. We set up a few coaching sessions. I prefer to be self sufficient and not to seek the advice of psychologists and other professionals, so I did not know quite know what to expect from these meetings. I was pleasantly surprised with our first meeting. Very trustworthy, almost maternal approach of Štěpánka created a very relaxed atmosphere in which I was able to easily realize of both my professional and personal priorities and values. Thanks to the coaching methods that she subsequently used, I clearly defined my goals and ways to achieve them. I also realized how important it is to have perspective to live in the moment. Štěpánka emanates joy, peace, life experiences, and especially credibility. All this translates into successful coaching sessions that are so clearly beneficial. Štěpánka, thank you.“ Vránová – Country Manager, Contract Administration, spol. s.r.o.

“I had the honor of having Štěpánka as my mentor in the mentoring program Equilibrium British Chamber of Commerce at a time when I was probably the most concerned with balancing my work and family life. Also thanks Štěpánka, I realized that I did not devote any time to myself. It is impossible to have everything immediately, but thanks to Štěpánka I gained valuable perspective that everything comes gradually. This is the perspective absolutely helped me to be satisfied. “


Robin Niubo Vasko

“Stepanka is an energetic, conscious and results driven coach who will take the energy of the group with her kindness and enthusiasm and lead it step by step through the course. She takes feedback but also gives one wonderfully, and creates an environment where people feel safe to give the best out of them. I have experienced her once and can’t remember if i had more fun ever before in any of my extra-curricular activities. She is a great value add to any company-driven education and I am sure individuals should seek her out for wise counsel in both business and life areas.”


Veronika Kořenková  – Business Partner People and Property Vodafone Czech Republic

“Štěpánka was the lecturer of one of the workshops for HR Business partners in our company – the topic was Communication & Mediation. Not only we enjoyed the workshop but I also chose Štěpánka to be my mentor in the workshop follow up mentoring sessions. Besides the fact that Štěpánka is a very professional and has the expertise, she is also very pleasant person to talk to and share ideas with. In her lectures she uses many practical examples through which the learning curve is much steeper. Moreover Štěpánka hands over the knowledge in a very friendly and human way which makes the receiver relaxed and thus more open to talk and learn. I would recommend Štěpánka to any company that cares about leadership development.



  Veronika Stepankova – Trade & Investment Adviser

“I attended the Think of your feet with Stepanka Duffkova. I really enjoyed the training which was very well structured, full of practical advices and fun at the same time.”



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